Thursday, October 2, 2008

There is no real answer

Well, I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon, the day of the 'ponction'. Yesterday I still felt pretty tired, but today is OK. Abdominal area is still feeling very tense though, but I think it's more from the stimulation than the 'ponction'.

Yesterday I felt quite insecure about our decision to only transfer one embryo. Would it be enough? Should we change to two or not? But what if one of the embryos divides after transfer..., I don't want triplets! Talked with hubby about it, who had some great philosophical answers, but it mainly came down to that he doesn't want me to run too much health risks and we can always decide to do two the next time, if this time fails. I did some additional research on the web and in some books I have at home, had a good night's sleep, and this morning came to the conclusion that we should stick to our decision. A lot remains speculation, we'll never have definite answers to all our questions, and certainty about which risk outweighs the other. Just statistics and our our gut feeling. So we'll keep it at one this time and hope for the best.

However I still had prepared some questions for the embryologist for when she would call today. When the call came, it was not her, but a lab technician, who actually just wanted to tell me at what time I need to come in tomorrow for the transfer. Luckily I did manage to ask her what the results were: 7 embryos. Not bad! But no additional info about quality etc. Have to find that out tomorrow morning, when we'll speak with the embryologist. The rest of my questions have to wait until then as well...

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