Friday, October 31, 2008

First ultrasound

Had first ultrasound this afternoon (at 6w3d). It was pouring with rain and I was very nervous on my way there. Met up with my hubby at the doctor's office, luckily he was a lot calmer than me. After waiting for 35 minutes the doctor finally called us in. After some formalities she started the u/s: one sac with embryo detected, with heartbeat! Yes!! Felt immediately very relieved.

So one embie didn't make it, which I already thought, based on my rather low betas.

Doctor also checked my ovaries, still pretty enlarged from the stimulation: right one between 7-8 cm, left one around 6 cm (normal size should be about 2,5 cm).

Got a nice print-out with all the images. Maybe I'll post one here if I can get it properly scanned.

On to the next appointment with the OB (even though she isn't really one, but I will call her that anyway because it's easier and she's a specialized general practitioner). She wasn't there though, but a replacement, very young, but very nice. A few basic exams, some prescriptions (for the entire pregnancy) for blood work etc, and some warnings about toxoplasmosis and listeriosis and what foods not too eat (most of it I already read on the web of course).

Next appointment (both with OB and for next u/s) around week 12. Seems a long way off... Have to go to the hospital on November 17 to register at the maternity ward. As this doctor is affiliated to the hospital where I want to go, I can stay with her for the entire pregnancy, and don't have to change for the last 2-3 months (like two of my friends had to do). The only thing that will change is the location for the consultations - first seven months at her office, last two months at the hospital.

Have to call my RE's office with the results on Monday and check how long they want me to continue with the progesterone and the baby aspirin (the prescription says at least one month after the first positive beta, and I'm not there yet, so in the meantime I'll just continue).

Now off to enjoy the weekend. Happy Halloween (not that I'm celebrating that here in France)!

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