Friday, October 24, 2008

Still undecided

Well, I'm still undecided when it comes to choosing an OBGYN.

I called my friend's recommendation (the non-OBGYN) this morning, and she would be able to take me as a patient, but she doesn't do ultrasounds at her own practice, so I would need to go to a separate ultrasound office for that, which I don't really want to do.

My second friend does not recommend her doctor, and my third friend has not responded to me yet.

I did call the RE's office to ask for recommendations, but they say they don't know anyone except for Dr 'Speed'... So I considered maybe going to him after all, at least he knows my history, and even though he's speed, he's also quite human...

Hmm, so I called a friend who had several IVF cycles with Dr 'Speed' and stayed with him for the first five or six months of her pregnancy. She basically said that yes, I could go to him, but I would always sit at least one hour in the waiting room before he would see me and then have a very speedy consultation. So... probably not.

She did however offer to call her sister-in-law (who's a midwife) for me and ask her for OBGYN recommendations. So I'm waiting to hear back from her, as from my other friend who hasn't responded yet.

Oh yeah, the other thing I found out is that apparently here in France for the first six months of your pregnancy you go to an OBGYN and then for the last three you need to go to another one, who's affiliated to the hospital you want to give birth at, and whom you stay with until the delivery (but you cannot go to this one from the beginning of your pregnancy). Strange...

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