Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Job interview

This afternoon I had something to distract me from thinking/worrying about this little thing inside me: a job interview. Only the seventh in the more than three years since we've moved to France! This one was not even for a job in my field, but hey, after three years I though I might need to expand my search area a bit.

The biggest problem here in France is that if you don't have a degree from a French 'Ecole Nationale Superieure' of something something, you already don't really count. Then if you've studied something (music recording), but got a job/career in a related field (MarCom/organization, but still in music/audiovisual sector), but not quite what you studied, they get confused and don't know what box to put you in. This then usually results in that they throw your CV in the bin instead of making them curious and inviting you for an interview. On top of that, the professional networks are really really closed, especially the cultural/musical ones...

Oh well, today's interview was for a MarCom position at a business school. I think it went OK, but they really want someone with a marketing degree, which I obviously don't have. Honestly, I can't get very upset about it right now, this pregnancy is way more important at the moment (but yes, of course it would be great if I would finally have a job). I'm leaning more towards freelancing at the moment anyway, much more flexibility, and I think I could get some small projects going. The only thing holding me back is the French bureaucracy...

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Anonymous said...

It is stimulating to be occupied. From another hand, you wouldn't want to get stressed and work too long hours at this important time of your life.
Constant stress and 12-hr working day may possibly a reason of my fertility issues - would any embryo want to exercise any life survival instinct for growing into a child of a always-at-work woman?
Good luck for Friday xxx