Monday, October 13, 2008


Had a horrible night. Got up four times to go to the bathroom (note to self: don't drink too much tea just before going to bed). Woke up again around 5.30am from a night sweat. No!!! Tried not to freak out too much, stayed under the covers and managed to fall back asleep. But of course then the dreams started... Woke up half an hour later, crying - because I knew it was all over: night sweats and no more sore breasts (I dreamed other, really ridiculous things, but that's not too uncommon for me). Hubbie asked what was wrong, so I told him, then checked my breast... still hurting. So I calmed down a bit, but still not happy about the night sweat. Now I'm slowly trying to start the day as normally as I possibly can...

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PJ said...

OK if you get two comments from me, it's because when I hit publish, my computer went awry!

I've been catching up on your blog. We are in the wait together! Torture, huh?

It's really interesting how different the US and France do IVF. But then there seem to be a lot of differences in how one clinic does it to the next.

My insurance only covered diagnostic tests! I think it's fantastic that you are getting reimbursed!

Best of luck to both of us!