Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Optimistic or cautious

Yesterday evening my sister-in-law called to check how I was doing. "Oh, I'm so happy for you! I told my colleague that you're finally pregnant and that you might have twins, or even triplets or...!" Eh... looking at my low betas I think it's only one. "Oh, that's fine too, but two would be great!" Hmm, yes, of course (but it also means additional risks - I didn't say that though). I briefly considered sending her Busted's doodles video, but it wouldn't work anyway. She's living a blissfully naive life in a small Swiss village, surrounded by farm animals and lots of women who just got pregnant the easy way (including herself).

My mum can't hide her excitement either, and calls me about ever other day, wondering when I'm finally going to react more enthusiastically myself (for sure not before Friday's ultrasound and maybe not even before the end of the first trimester - which doesn't mean that of course I am really happy that we've already come this far, but also pretty anxious about everything). She also seemed a bit taken aback when she found out that my hubby had told one of his best friends, but I still haven't told my cousin.

Well... it's true that there might not seem to be much logic (at least to her) to which friends / family members we've shared the news with and to whom we haven't said a thing yet. It's just that some people we feel much more comfortable sharing it with than with others. In the meantime my mum is very proud of herself for keeping her mouth shut, which makes me smile.

By contrast, I got a lovely letter from my grandma (the only person my mum did tell), cautiously congratulating us, while not even daring to write the word 'pregnant'. Very sweet.

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