Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I had my third beta: 853 - everything is going fine, yay! (and thanks to the betabase I now know that the doubling time between beta 1 and 2 was 48.1 hrs and between beta 2 and 3 49.31 hrs - if this interests anyone at all).

I had a strange conversation with my RE's office though. When I had gotten the result from the lab, I called my RE's office to tell them (standard French procedure, see my post below on 'labs and nurses - the French way). The assistant asked me if I already had an OBGYN for the rest of my pregnancy. Eh, no... She told me I could stay with them, but that would mean with Dr. 'Speed'. Eh, no thank you... Or otherwise find an OBGYN myself. Oh, but what about the ultrasound that they told me they want me to have about a month after the transfer (which means next week), would that not be done at the fertility clinic/RE office? No, I should just schedule that with whichever OBGYN I'm going to pick...
So that's it? No last 'good luck' RE visit? Why won't they do that first ultrasound? Wouldn't that be a better way to really say that the IVF procedure was a succes? I think it's weird...

Pff, so now I have to find an OBGYN. Of course I could call the RE's office tomorrow morning and ask them for any recommendations in my neighborhood (I forgot to do that this afternoon). I also asked three friends who live near me and had babies last year. One already responded and said she had a wonderful doctor, who was recommended to her by the hospital, but that she's actually a general practitioner, who does have a lot of pregnant patients, but is not an OBGYN. Hmm, if she was a real OBGYN, I would immediately call, but now I'm not sure. Maybe I should just call, explain my situation and see if she thinks I can be her patient or if I should go to a more specialized doctor?

Well, I have to wait until tomorrow anyway before I can call, so have some time to think this over a bit. If you have any great suggestions, please let me know!

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