Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So today was egg retrieval day, or 'ponction' as they say in French. Got up at 6 am and had my betadine scrub shower (yum!). We were at the clinic just before 7.30 am. Went all pretty quickly from there: was shown my room, changed into the hospital gown, hubby left for the lab to do his thing, and a few minutes later the nurse came to have me sign some paperwork and put in an IV for saline drip.

Was wheeled to the OR around 8 am. The OR nurse double checked all my information while still in the hallway, somehow I felt like I was already sedated, but it must have been the stress that made me feel like my answers came out very slowly. Saw that it was my own doc for the procedure, luckily not Dr 'Speed', that would not have been very good to get my stress-level down... The anesthesiologist got to work and I slowly 'floated away'. When I woke up again I was wheeled into the recovery room, it was 8.31 am. Stayed there for about 20 minutes. Was feeling OK, but still out of it - no wonder with blood pressure at 112/47 - 114/51 - 112/53.

Back in my room the nurse again checked blood pressure, bleeding (a bit) and asked if I had a lot of pain - it wasn't too bad, so I gave it a 4 on a scale from 1-10. Hubby came back after about 30 minutes, which was nice. For a moment I thought the pain was getting worse, but luckily it subsided again. At about 10.30 I got a little breakfast. The tea tasted like coffee, so after three sips I left it for what it was. Had some yogurt, toast and water. Blood pressure and bleeding were checked again and we tested if I could get up without fainting or feeling dizzy. Everything was fine, so the nurse took out the IV and I could go to the toilet.

After about another hour they told me I could get dressed again. A few minutes later another nurse came in to give me back my paperwork and told me to wait for the embryologist ('médecin biologiste'). After that I was free to go home. The doctor came in and told me they had collected 14 eggs, everything looked good. They would call me on Thursday about the results and set a time for transfer on Friday.

We were back home around 12.30pm, had lunch together and then hubby left for work. I'm lying on the couch, feeling OK, but a little tired, so I'll take it easy for the rest of the day. Not much pain, just a bit of a dull ache.

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