Friday, September 26, 2008

Enantone injection

Started my first IVF cycle on August 28 with an Enantone LP injection, to suppress my normal hormone cycle. Thought maybe I could do it myself until I got back from the pharmacy and saw that it was a real DIY package: two tiny bottles, one with powder, the other one with solvent, which you had to suck out with the pink colored needle into the syringe, then add it to the powder, mix, suck it into the syringe again, change to the blue colored needle and inject the mixture into your belly.... Some great catastrophic scenarios flashed before my eyes, so I decide to make some calls to try to find a nurse to do it for me. Finally found one who was able to come by the same day. Nice guy who made the whole mixing thing seem very easy, but I'm glad he did it instead of me. The French system is pretty good, nurse comes for a home visit and you just give your "carte vitale" (insurance card) at the end, he puts it in some calculator, and the costs are immediately charged to the insurance company. It seemed that it's very under-paid though - he was talking out loud while typing away on his calculator and apparently they can only charge 3 euros for the home visit and 2,50 euros for the injection...

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