Friday, September 26, 2008


Started follicle stimulation on September 16. Six days of 150 IUs, then first blood test and ultrasound on September 22. I thought I had brought the whole 'how much water to drink to have a full bladder without feeling I'm exploding' down to a science after six IUIs, but apparently the break was too long, because my bladder was too full, so it masked the ovaries on the ultrasound! Luckily it was not doctor 'speed' (who would've sent me to the back of the line) this time, but a more gently one, who just waited while he let me pee (just a little bit, which is pretty difficult if you have a full bladder). The ultrasound just showed 7 follicles - 2x 7mm on one side and 5x 5mm on the other side. I was a bit disappointed, but the doctor said everything was fine, I should continue with 150 IU Puregon and come back the next day...

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