Friday, September 26, 2008

A start

Instead of hijacking two excellent blogs on IVF - Fertile Mind and emily the hopeless (see the side bar for links) - with my comments, I decided to start my own. I'm midway through my first IVF cycle, so there will be some 'flashback' posts, but I hope to be able to catch up soon.

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splitpea said...

Hi Lost
Congratulations on starting your blog, I look forward to hearing about your story. I really relate to your ex-pat situation. We're back in Australia now but our infertility journey started in Italy, in Italian, with a medical system I found pretty unappealing to say the least. I've never written about it, but I think you might inspire me to. I hope you are not finding it all too overwhelming - it's bad enough just with the infertility - doing it as a foreigner is super challenging, and in my experience, pretty lonely sometimes. So if you need to moan about that I will understand - and I'm sure a lot of other people will too. Thanks for doing the catch-up on your story so far. I'll be checking in! Best wishes, Splitpea.