Friday, September 26, 2008

Enantone side-effects

I was prepared for hot flashes and other menopausal side-effects that Enantone might give me, but not for two weeks of diarrhea! After a few days I called the doctor's office to check if this could indeed be a side-effect.

My own doctor wasn't there, so the assistant told me to call his colleague, the one that usually does the ultrasounds. I've known him since my IUI attempts and he is always very 'speed', something I really had to get used to (if I ever have...). So I got him on the phone and told him that I wanted to ask him about possible side-effects of the Enantone. "You're bleeding!" he said. I did, but I had read that that could be normal, so that did not worry me too much. "Yes, but I also have diarrhea, could that be related?" "Yes, that's possible, listen, everything is fine, I've got a call on the other line, see you at the ultrasound. Bye!" Ugh, if I hadn't met him before I would have been really upset. Now only just a bit...

So I went to the pharmacy to get something to quiet my intestines down, luckily the pharmacist was a lot more understanding than the doctor and confirmed that it was indeed on the list of possible side-effects of enantone. Pff... it finally subsided once I started the Puregon injections on day 20.

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