Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update on my various pregnancy discomforts

A quick update on my recent pregnancy-related discomforts:

1) The itch (which I talked about here, here, here and here) is still not gone! It tricks me about once a week in thinking that it's almost over, only to come back in full force the next day. Consulting Dr. Google doesn't give me any answers, because all I find gives 'yeast infection' as result, which the lab test showed I don't have. I've already banned panty liners, shower gel and soap. I'll now also ban fancy undies (since the last time it returned it was on a day I was wearing those) and will stick to the simple cotton ones, even when I think the itch is (almost) gone. On bad days I now take some homeopathic anti-itch cream, which seems to give more relieve than the cream the doc first gave me (the other cream, which was more of a anti-fungus medicine just gave me a burning sensation). I really hope it doesn't stay with me for the rest of the pregnancy...

2) The cramps (see this post) are a lot better. Fortunately I've only had the horrible nightly leg cramp once. I elevated the foot-end of the bed with a pillow, as suggested in one of my pregnancy books, and am making sure I'm getting enough calcium, potassium and protein (and I'm already on magnesium B6 supplements). I've been free of belly cramps too (knock on wood), just some round ligament pain, but nothing serious.

3) The near-fainting spells (see here and here) have not been back either since the last event at the post office on Monday. I've upped my iron intake, so maybe that's why. Thursday's prenatal yoga class was great (I think partly because I made sure to take it easy in the morning and had a relative early lunch which allowed me a 20-minute nap before going to yoga), I could even do the bend over without getting light-headed.

4) Fatigue - I'm still taking afternoon naps, but don't have to set the alarm anymore, I now usually wake up after 20-40 minutes.

So all in all I'm doing pretty well and my belly is growing at a rate of about 1 cm a week. Next checkup on February 3rd, next u/s on February 13th.


Kristin said...

Are you on progesterone suppositories? When I use them they give me a horrible itch. I think my OB termed it vaginitis...basically an inflammation caused by the progesterone.

Good luck with this pregnancy.


katery said...

wow, that's a lot of symptoms! i hope they calm down!

lostintranslation said...

@Kristin: yes I was, but I took the last one on December 18 (a few days after the itch started).

lostintranslation said...

and yes, according to my OB the itch is caused by the progesterone suppositories (but I'd hoped it would be gone by now!)

Beautiful Mess said...

Feminine itching is horrible! I hope it goes away and STAYS away! Glad the other symptoms are starting to subside, as well. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am feeling MUCH better. Thankfully it wasn't the real flu.
Enjoy your day!

~Jess said...

Progesterone did that to me too, especially crinone.

Hopefully all of your symptoms calm down soon and you can go ahead and enjoy being pregnant :-)


Photogrl said...

Hope the itch goes away soon and doesn't return!

Thanks for visiting my blog, too.


Michelle said...

Ok I am risking sounding like a weirdo here but I have restless leg and I suffer from leg cramps a lot at night. Someone told me a while ago to put a bar of soap under the sheets at the end of your bed and I don't know if it is just in my mind but it totally works. I have not had cramps in my legs for a year and a half and I was getting them at least twice a week. I figured it was something cheap to try and it didn't hurt anything. Try it. I know it sounds very weird. Anyway I hope you are feeling better soon.

Cassandra said...

When they tested for yeast did they also test for bacteria? Bacterial vaginosis is extremely common, and pregnancy can bring out the symptoms. It's associated with some increased risks of certain problems in pregnancy, so it's worth a swab next time you go to the doctor. Whatever it is, I hope it resolves soon!

BTW I'm not a doctor, but I have suffered from BV on and off for 15 years. Perhaps more than you wanted to know. :)

lostintranslation said...

@Michelle: thanks for the tip. I might try it!

lostintranslation said...

@Cassandra: yes, they tested for yeast, bacteria, 'trichomonas vaginalis' and did some other cultures. All results came back normal (so maybe this itch is just between my ears...?).

Tarahville said...

So sorry that you have this itch that they can't get rid of for you. I don't have any tips, but reading about it made me cross my legs. You poor thing.

Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog.