Friday, December 19, 2008

No infection

Got the results back from my urine test yesterday afternoon: no urine/bladder infection. But the itching hadn't stopped, so I was not feeling very relieved yet. How long before the anti-yeast infection stuff would take effect (it did say on the instructions that the itching could initially get worse)?

My mom, sister and hubby all suggested that it might be due to the utrogestan (progesterone suppositories) I've been taking since egg retrieval (Sept. 30), which would not surprise me, so I consulted the French Dr. Google and indeed found a few forums where women were experiencing the same thing.

So I went to the OB this morning with the test results from the lab (normally they send them by mail, but I had said I would bring them myself) and asked to see the doc for a minute to ask what to do next. Luckily my regular OB was back, so I didn't have to deal with the very friendly, but rather inexperienced replacement (who doesn't even now what a progesterone suppository looks like). She listened to my question, looked at my file and said my body was probably fed up with the utrogestan and that she was pretty sure that's what caused the itching.

So, no more utrogestan, yay! Immediately felt less itchy after that news. Funny how that works...

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emilythehopeless said...

hooray for finding the cause! hope you feel much better very quickly!

got your card today! thanks! i feel so special getting international christmas mail :)