Monday, December 15, 2008

My new year's eve

Since tomorrow's my birthday, today is my personal new year's eve. A pretty uneventful day. Went to the lab to have a blood and urine test, finished writing and mailing our Christmas cards, booked a trip (with left-over miles from when I still had a career...) to my sister in the US for February, and went to yoga class this evening. Hubby's out on a business trip until tomorrow evening.

I've not been feeling that great these last two days. Yesterday I almost fainted when I was cleaning up the breakfast table (so yes, after I'd eaten) and felt a bit out of it the entire day. I also started to have some burning sensation when peeing. Not all the time though and mostly on the left. I had this last week too and when I told my OB at the checkup on Tuesday she was afraid I would have a urinary infection, but luckily the test came back negative and on further inspection it turned out to be a small cut... Problem was gone two days later so I thought it had healed, but now it's back. So is it the same thing or something else...? I don't like this, it makes me worry too much.

Yoga class helped not to think about it for about an hour. Belly is very 'present' again this evening and I also feel a bit bloated (but maybe that's because I had a liter of tomato soup for dinner...) and my jeans seemed awfully tight - don't know if I will make it until the January sale before buying maternity jeans!

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