Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

Yay, happy birthday to me, I'm singing while all alone at home. :-(

Hubby won't be home from his business trip until tonight, but I'm not letting that stop me from trying to get into a celebratory mood today. And it's going to be the best birthday in a long time anyway, because I'm finally pregnant!

What's on the program:
  • Bake a birthday cake (apple pie with apricots on top, my grandmother's recipe)
  • Go shopping (maybe for maternity jeans at the GAP...? I've been wanting a pair ever since we started TTC and that's over five years ago!)
    Edit: well, no GAP maternity jeans. The GAP here has a limited collection and only regular lengths and those are too short for me (but of course great for the petite French ladies). I did buy some fancy PJs at another store though, with enough stretch for a growing belly... BTW, it was ridiculously busy at the mall (does no one need to work?!).
  • Phone calls from family and friends (I bet my grandma is going to be the first to call, she's a very early bird)
  • Music ensemble rehearsal - I will bring some apple pie for my two friends to celebrate my birthday and pregnancy announcement
  • Hubby's return - which means I can open my present (which we bought together on Saturday, so I already know what it is, but I won't open the package until he's back)!
I actually also really need to clean the apartment, but I've decided that's not something to do on a birthday, so I'll postpone that until Wednesday.

A fun fact is that I was born on a so-called "carless" Sunday (they had a few of those in the Netherlands during the '73/'74 oil crisis). My dad had hoped for a police escort when driving to the hospital, but they just gave him a note... :-)

Oh yeah, and a cool small thing is that the time I posted this is the actual time I was born... (thanks to blogger for giving me the opportunity to cheat between writing and posting)


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Hillary said...

Happy birthday! Here from LFCA. It's my best friend's birthday today too! Hope you have a great day!

Photogrl said...

Happy Birthday!

Stopping by from LFCA. Hope it was a good one!

Tastefully Tallahassee said...
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In Due Time said...

Happy Birthday! Hope the hubs is home by now.

Here from LFCA

Cassandra said...

Happy Birthday!

Apple pie with apricots... fascinating! I've never heard of that. Are the apricots dried or fresh?

lostintranslation said...

My grandma uses apricot jam, but I changed that into dried apricots that I cook with sugar in the apple juice that is left over after grating the apples (which this recipe requires), so that it becomes a bit of a syrupy substance. Tastes pretty good! ;-)