Thursday, December 25, 2008

In church with the royal family

Yesterday evening we went to the Christmas Eve service at my parents' church. Is a great, pretty progressive church (like many of them are in Holland) and it's always packed on Christmas Eve. It's also quite well-known here because it's the church the Dutch queen goes to (not every Sunday of course). Luckily my dad is on the board and my mom was coordinating all the volunteers for the Christmas Eve service, so our places were reserved. Better yet, we got to sit one row in front of the royal family (i.e. the queen, her three sons and their wives). So we had to behave and sing in tune, ha!

During our years of TTC, I've always had a bit of mixed feelings about seeing or reading about these people, none of the queen's children seemed to have any trouble getting pregnant. As soon as they were married, hoopla, about a year later there would be baby #1! Of course, on the other hand it would have been horrible for them to go through IF in the public eye and have all those gossip rags on constant baby bump watch (and of course I don't wish IF on anyone, but I did think it was unfair at the time...).

Anyway, the service was good despite the benches being a bit hard on my (not yet very) pregnant body.

Merry Christmas everybody!


GreenEggsNHam said...

I've always believed there was a lot more IF "members" than we are aware of....

And how cool that you got to sit behind the royal family!



Lassie said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I never got pregnant, but at times worry about wasting too much time on iui's or second opinions. In the end, who is to say How much is Too much?

Okay, this is weird, but I have to ask, did the royal family smell nice? On tv and in the papers, you can usually see how nice they (famous people) look, but I sometimes wonder if they put as much effort into smelling nice like soap, perfume etc. ;)

lostintranslation said...

@Lassie: I didn't notice anything particular about their smell. Maybe I should have been behind them instead of in front of them to know... :-)

April said...

Merry Christmas!

Do you read David Sedaris? He has a funny story about Christmas traditions in your neck of the woods :)

Congrats also btw.

lostintranslation said...

@April: Yes, I do read David Sedaris, or at least the articles he writes for the New Yorker. Always fun.

babymakinchronicles said...

Cool! The Royal Family!


Raggedy Ann said...

Greeting from down south in (not) sunny Portugal. Arrived here via ICLW, though I'm not on the list this month. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Cassandra said...

Here from ICLW...

I guess the royal family always has to behave and sing in tune, so only one day isn't bad.

Not sure if you saw it the first time around, but after my trip to Japan in the fall I wrote a post about infertility in their royal family that may interest you.

bendingbackwards said...

Cool about the royal family. I truly believe that there are far more people in the world who go through IF than anyone is aware of.

Hope you have a nice New Year.

Here from ICLW...No. 87
The Unfair Struggle

Barreness said...

Do you remember the Japanese princess who took years and years to get pregnant and was hounded like an animal in the local press? That poor woman.

And then *shudder* she produced a FEMALE heir. What an outrage ;)