Tuesday, January 6, 2009

16w check-up

Today I had my 4-month checkup (at 16w0d exact). Gained 1,5 kg since last month, BP still fine at 120/70, blood and urine tests which I had yesterday came back OK too (still waiting for the T21 results though, which takes a few more days). OB said I looked great, which was of course great to hear too!

However, this stupid itch is still not gone (ugh!), so the OB decided to do a pap smear which is now at the lab for analysis to see if I have a yeast infection or not (probably yes - but then at least we'll know what kind and it can be treated). She still blames it on the Utrogestan, which I think is correct, and said that sometimes, when a yeast infection happens early in a pregnancy, you are more or less stuck with it for the remainder of the nine months, which I hope is not the case for me, cause I've really had enough of this itch!! Until the results come back from the lab, I have a cream that should already help (better than the cream I got three weeks ago, which was just to sooth, and didn't do much).

Back to good news... uterus felt good and very present, I'm apparently carrying pretty low, but that that doesn't mean anything medically she said - cervix is long and closed. She then got the doppler (or was it something else? I don't know really) out to see if she could detect a heart beat. In the courtyard behind the office someone was drilling away, so there was a horrible noise and she said that 16w would be very early to hear it this way, but... there it was!! How great!! I love it that I've had another sign of life from my baby (can't wait until I'll start to feel it moving, but that'll probably be another three weeks).

The OB was really enthusiastic that we got to hear the heartbeat and we were both all smiles. I kept smiling all the way back home.

Next check-up in four weeks.

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Mo and Will said...

That is great news! Congratulations! I've been lurking for awhile but decided to delurk to wish you well.