Thursday, January 8, 2009

First prenatal yoga class

So this afternoon I had my first prenatal yoga class. I've been doing a regular (Iyengar) yoga class for the past three years and will continue to do so, but thought it might be nice to add a class specifically for and with pregnant women. I must say it was completely different from anything I'm used to in my regular yoga class. I think I like the activities/postures of the Iyengar class a lot better (at least for the moment, this might change as I get further along in my pregnancy) - this prenatal class is more like I imagined yoga classes to be like until about five years ago when I was completely not into yoga and I would rather go sweat it out in the gym...

But besides that it was pretty good (even though I almost fainted because I was showing off too much in the beginning and I was now doing excercises during my usual nap time...) and nice to be away from my computer screen for an hour. I also liked being just with other pregnant women - and it was a very small group: only 6 women, of which most were much further along with their pregnancy then me, so some beautiful big bellies.

So I paid for 10 classes and will go back next week. And in 30 minutes I will go to my other yoga class. Bit weird that they're both on Thursday, but oh, well, that's how it is (not much choice in yoga classes in this city).

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