Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A day of cramps

Pfew, today is not a really good day... It started around 3 am when I woke up screaming from a horrible leg cramp. No hubby around to massage it (or to scare for that matter - I will have to warn him when he comes home in case it happens again tonight), so I tried to stretch it, which was no fun. I've still been feeling it all day.

Then after showering and dressing this morning I got abdominal cramps, more or less like menstrual cramping. I got a heat pad, drank water and did a slow round to the market. It took about 3.5 hours before it was over. But then it started again while I was taking a nap. So again a heat pad, postponed the plan to clean the apartment (yet again) and consulted Dr. Google. Didn't help much: it could be round ligament pain, but that's usually sharper and more to the sides. It could be something worse, but I have no other bad symptoms and that's just not something I want to consider... The pain ebbed away about 2 hours later.

And maybe weirdest of all, I even briefly had a cramp in my left hand after I'd taken the water pitcher out of the fridge...!

I'm already taking extra magnesium (since I had similar abdominal cramps around weeks 10-12) so I don't know what else to do besides drink lots of water and take it easy. Maybe it's just my uterus growing (too) fast. I always had extremely horrible menstrual cramps, so it seems like a usual reaction for my body if something is happening in those parts.

My belly feels rather 'present' right now, a bit hard. Maybe that's caused by constipation/bloating because I've been taking some extra iron the last two days to avoid more near-fainting spells? I'm trying not to freak out, but of course I'll keep a check on it and if it doesn't go away I'll call my OB tomorrow.

I'll do some leg stretches before going to bed tonight, and maybe eat a banana and drink some milk or yogurt, apparently that helps too...


Soralis said...

That sounds awful. Good luck and hope the pain goes away.


Sarah said...

for some reason i went blog hopping today and ended up here. congratulations on your pregnancy!

ugh, iron was really hard on me too. i hope you find some relief soon!