Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nesting? might seem a bit early for nesting instinct (I'm 19w1d pregnant today), but I've sure been busy organizing, cleaning, and throwing stuff away. I went to Ikea this morning and besides a few nursery items (couldn't help myself), I bought a lot of boxes and containers to organize our bedroom closets and bathroom cabinets. Got to work right away after lunch and was able to store everything that was previously under the bed in the guest room (which will become the nursery) in the closets so I'm very proud of myself! :-)

It feels very good to clean the house out. There are currently seven full large trash bags waiting to go to goodwill (luckily they're non-see-through, otherwise hubby would probably take half of it out again saying that a particular sweater that he hasn't worn in six years is still a great sweater and should be kept...). There will undoubtedly be more, because I still have to attack the basement (it's a very small space but completely stacked with stuff - if you need something, you first need to empty out half of it before you can access the item you're looking for). However, I cannot do that alone, because it involves a lot of lifting and moving heavy items, so I'll have to wait for a weekend day and drag my hubby down there.

So now back to business. I've some items on my to-do list since early December for an association I'm the president of, so I need to stop procrastinating and get them done because I'd like to stay on for another year as president and I'm not giving a very good example right now...


Anita said...

I love coming home to a clean house (on the rare occasions that it is!) after I've worked on it so hard.


littleangelkisses said...

Good for you! I have several closets that need to be cleaned soon!