Wednesday, January 21, 2009

T21 screening results

I had blood drawn for the T21 screening on January 5. 16w checkup on January 6 where the OB said that she would call once the results were in, no matter what the outcome. Got the invoice from the lab last week Tuesday (for a whopping € 36, ha! which will be fully reimbursed too. You gotta love the French health care system!), so I assumed the OB would have gotten the results, but no phone call...

Not that I was worried about the results being bad (the NT scan at the 12w u/s was fine and we have absolutely no family history of down syndrome), but my organized Northern-European self just wanted to have the result, so I could check that off the list (and yes, after more than three years in France I should now that it doesn't work like that here).

So I called the OB's office yesterday. Apparently the doc had been on vacation last week so she hadn't had time to go through all the files, but she would definitely call me back.

The phone rang this morning just after eight. Results are fine, I shouldn't worry (I didn't), I'm not in the risk group (I didn't ask what the actual ratio was, but I don't necessarily need to know, might find out in two weeks at the next check-up though).

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In Due Time said...

Glad the results are fine. Hugs.