Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Third beta and some ramblings

Yesterday I went to the lab for my third and final beta: 1626! So still with a steady doubling time around 41 hours. All is good.

This also means I've graduated from my RE - we're on our own for our first scan, even though the RE would like to be kept updated (I still don't understand why they don't do the first scan at their clinic and then hand you over to your regular OBGYN, but oh, well, that's French logic for you).

With the first pregnancy this took me by surprise, but of course now I was prepared, so I booked the scan as soon as the results of my second beta were in. I go to separate OBs for the checkups and the scans (my OBGYN, who's actually a GP, but does mainly OBGYN and pediatrics, doesn't have u/s equipment). Both are always overbooked. So while I was thinking about a scan in the week of June 6 (we're away the week before), the 'u/s OB' proposed this Friday, which surprised me, because it's really early (5w4d), but she assured me it would be a good time to check the development and said that we might even be able to see a heartbeat. So I took the appointment, figuring that if we wouldn't see a heartbeat yet, I could try to get a second scan two weeks later. (My first regular OB appointment is not until June 20).

Of course, because I have nothing better to do, I consulted Dr Google on this as well, resulting in very vivid and strange dreams (one time even a nightmare involving my toddler, I will spare you the details, but I was quite shaken when I woke up) on the subject for the past couple of days/nights.

I POAS a total of three times (the day of my first beta, right between beta #1 and beta #2 and right between beta #2 and beta #3) and every time I look at those different gradations in intensity of the second line it puts a smile on my face.

Some minor symptoms are appearing as well. I love taking an afternoon nap, but at night I am often full of energy, feeling really happy, and I have difficulty falling asleep. My breasts don't hurt, but they seem to have become a bit firmer (after being a bit 'sloppy' as a result of eight months of breastfeeding), which is not a bad thing. I'm becoming more moody, which isn't helped at all by my toddler's "terrible two" tantrums. And generally I prefer sweat pants and comfy shirts to anything else (but I'll wear them only around the house, this is France after all!), much to hubby's dismay.


Chon said...

Oh you don't know how much your posts reassure me! When I had my first BT I kept reading yours and now the no symptoms situation has reassured me again!! That is great news!!

Summastarlet said...

Great news!!!!! *hugs*

Valery said...

Congratulations! And what did google tell you about heartbeats at 5w4d? I used to think it started between 6w and 7w....
Good to hear you're excited. (it seems a rare thing in my blogland at the moment) But if I reverse statistical reasoning it only means your chances of more good news must be excellent. Looking forward to your scan.

St Elsewhere said...

Awesome news on the beta front!

I used to have trouble falling asleep at night, but was very drowsy in the mornings, and I used to fall asleep in the afternoon.

All good!

Good Luck for the ultrasound.

China Doll said...

Great news on the beta! And that you get an early scan too :) I'm hoping to see a heartbeat at my scan this weekend at 6w but thought it still might be a little early. But every pregnancy is different isn't it, so you never know!

Anonymous said...

What a great number- congrats!

Elana said...