Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today was transfer day of our lone frozen embryo. I put on a necklace and earrings that belonged to my mother - somehow I needed her to be there with me today, especially since hubby couldn't accompany me either because he's in China for work.

Before I headed off to the clinic I had to call the embryologist to hear if it survived the thaw. Yes it did! Pfew, first hurdle taken.

I had to be at the clinic at 11:30 am. Was well on time, but unfortunately everyone else seemed to be running late. A little after noon the embryologist finally called me in, went through the paperwork, gave me a report of today's transfer to put in my file, and sent me on to the next waiting room, where I had to wait for the RE. Apparently I was the only one having a transfer today as the waiting room was completely empty and had to wait another 40 minutes before the RE finally arrived.

This time no u/s guided transfer, like with IVF#2, but a 'simple' transfer (that's how it's described on the report the embryologist gave me), done by my own RE. In a way I'm glad, because this is how it went with IVF#1 and that one worked (no, I'm not superstitious...).

The RE told me I could get up and dressed whenever I wanted. I stayed down for about five minutes, talking to my little embryo and tearing up when I told it he/she had an amazing bigger brother. Got dressed, went to the secretary to pay for Friday's u/s, Saturday's trigger and today's transfer and got my post-FET prescription. Had planned to have lunch with a friend who works close to the clinic, but since everything happened so much later than scheduled, she didn't have time anymore, so I went home.

Took my first baby aspirin this afternoon and will continue the progesterone suppositories that I started two days ago. First beta is in 12 days. I've promised myself that I will not POAS if my breast won't get sore, because that's the early sign my body gives me when I'm pregnant (said she who's only been pregnant once).


Anonymous said...

*fingers & toes crossed!*

China Doll said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog :) Glad the transfer all went smoothly and you're now PUPO! Just a question... do you breasts get sore from the progesterone? Mine seem generally sensitive all the time!

New Year Mum said...

Fantastic... sending you lots of sticky vibes :)) Thinking of you every step of the way over your 2WW xoxo

St Elsewhere said...

Sweetie, you are PUPO!

Hoping the little embaby is all cozy and snuggling deeply in your uterine wall.

You take it easy!

And good luck!

Fran said...

Oh you are pupo!!! sticky vibes your way! I had my little frozen penguin transferred back last year on the 7th of May! You'll have a winter baby!
Love, Fran

lostintranslation said...

@ China Doll: no, I don't get sore breasts from the progesterone...

Valery said...

wow. I love pupo.
hugs and will continue reading now

Kelli said...

wishing you all the best!