Monday, May 16, 2011


I had to pee after having my blood drawn, there was a HPT in my bag, so I thought "what the heck", and used it. And OMG, a second line appeared!

I sat on the metro with a stupid grin on my face.

Now just, please, don't let this be a residue from the booster shot I had last week... I googled it and apparently it takes 24 hours to get 1000 IU of a HCG booster shot out of your system. I had a 1500 IU shot last Tuesday, so that should be gone by now, right..?!?!

Lab results will be in at 2 pm.


St Elsewhere said...


Today is a great day! I just read the post of JacksMom's BFP too!


Are you jumping up and down already? Are you? You don't coz I am doing it for you!

See, you have a lucky hammock in your house! :-)

Summastarlet said...

Exciting!!!! Keeping everything crossed!

Fran said...

Oh my god!!!! Fantastic!! When will you hear the numbers? Love, Fran

Fran said...

ps. I just have to add that I got my BFP last year exactly to the day! It's one year already and I too have a pic of my test with 16/5 written on it!! If this one is a bit early it may be a new year baby for you too!

Anonymous said...


Kelli said...

ooooooohhhh!! sooo excited.....any updates?! =0)