Thursday, May 5, 2011


My RE doesn't believe in (bed)rest after transfer, and I don't really think it makes a difference either, but after bringing my son to the sitter, buying groceries and getting my post-transfer prescriptions filled, I got home, and I didn't really feel like doing anything (besides reading blogs). So I did this:

Btw, the book is totally awesome (but in Dutch, and I don't think it was translated into English). It's called "Letters to Sleeping Beauty" - every day of the year, for an entire year, the prince, who's on his way to kiss Sleeping Beauty, writes her a letter. One day optimistic, the next desperate, etc. - very humorous and philosophical.


Valery said...

I'll try to find it next time in the library. Book should be easier than the hammock!

St Elsewhere said...

And the hammock has been loved! Take it easy!

The book sounds amazing!

New Year Mum said...

What a lovely place to relax after your transfer... sending you lots of sticky vibes and FXd for you xoxo

China Doll said...

Sounds like a lovely book! Enjoy your relaxation :)