Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick (+ jet lag)

Wow, I've been wanting to post forever, but oh well, things happened... First we went on a 2-week vacation to the US! Yay! Visiting my sister + family in California for 8 days while I was still allowed to travel on airplanes and before my miles would expire and then on the way back a few days stopover in Chicago to visit old friends and colleagues.

All great, except that, I always, really always get sick after visiting my sister (or better, my niece and nephew), and this time was unfortunately no exception. The kids were coughing and sneezing already when we got there, but I tried hard not to get infected - so refused all the food my niece lovingly offered me after she had taken a bite first and taking some homeopathic stuff as preventive mesure, but alas, to no avail... I still felt relatively OK when we left for Chicago (just a bit of a weird-feeling throat every now and then), but add a germ-infested plane ride, one day getting soaking wet by the constant downpour in the Windy City, not getting enough rest (you want to see everyone, right?), and by the time we left I was already coughing pretty badly. The 9-hour plane ride home of course didn't help one bit and by the time we were finally home I my whole body hurt and my sinuses were completedly blocked.

The cough is horrible and I feel very guilty towards my baby who's getting all these nice belly contractions thrown at him every time I have a fit, and it keeps me from sleeping well (add to the jet-lag which already makes for weird nights and strange sleeping hours).

I went to see my general practitioner on Monday afternoon. Felt like the flu, but without the fever (although my temperature is elevated but just not quite that high), eyes were glued shut in the morning (yuck!), and the coughing's just unbearable. She gave me prescription for cough syrup, eye cleaner, tylenol, nose spray, and antibiotics, just to be sure.

Couldn't start with the antibiotics until Tuesday afternoon, because I had my 6-month glucose test scheduled for Tuesday morning (more on that in a next post). Also had my 24-week checkup yesterday, so not much time to rest, but today I finally caught up on some sleep, between the coughing. First didn't think that I was improving anything at all, but this afternoon realized that I no longer have the feeling my whole body hurts, so that's already a good thing. Now if only that stupid cough would go away soon, that would be so nice (and I'm sure my baby will appreciate it too!)...

OK, it's well past my bedtime (you see, I'm still not over this jet-lag, I just had dinner 1 hour ago). So posts about 24w-checkup and awards (thanks Emily!) have to wait until tomorrow. Hubby should be home soon from his business trip. I got him all worried this afternoon because I hadn't heard my phones (both home and cell were on vibrate and I was coughing too much to hear them from the other room), so when I finally answered after he'd already tried four times, he was almost mad. I felt very bad for him and apologized profusely (as much as his dying phone battery allowed).

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