Friday, March 20, 2009

First name problem

So... we're slowly starting to talk about names. I had a few in my head, of which one clear favorite, and first was hesitant to share it with my hubby, afraid he would shoot it down immediately. I finally took up the courage a few weeks ago, and he reacted quite positively, so that was great! But... one of our colleagues just had a baby today and... yes, you guessed it... also had a baby boy and gave him the name that's on the top of my list! Now we can't use that anymore (well we could, but I think it would be weird to do so). Beh!

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PJ said...

So you watch House too, eh?

We have this series of names we've swirled around in our heads for years! As in, 10 years at least. Seems such a waste to not have anything to attach them to. :P