Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good intentions

I feel like this blog is getting into the same category as my New Yorker subscription. I still have it, but don't have/take time for it, so the rational thing to do would be to close it down/not renew my subscription. But doing that would mean (at least to me) to me I'm stuck in my own little mommy-world. No more connections to my bloggy friends, no more insights into the world's news. And I say to myself that not having time is actually a lame excuse. Because apparently I have a lot of time browsing aimlessly around the internet. And it seems it wouldn't be so hard to say 'I write a blog post each Tuesday, I read the New Yorker on Mondays and Fridays' or something along those lines. So maybe I should just do that. Because even when a kid is sick, and I have to cancel my shopping spree (sale has officially started yesterday - yes, here in France the government decides when the sale starts and ends, ha!) or lunch with friends (that I already had to cancel last time because of a strike at the school restaurant), these are things I can do when said kid is asleep. I just have to decide not to take a nap myself... So watch this space, something might be happening on Tuesday (or whatever day I decide to write a blog post - at least this is it for now, because said kid just woke up)!

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Fran said...

I will be definitely watching this space!