Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stupid cold

Thanks to my hubby, who was sick two weeks ago (and is still coughing), I suffer from a stupid cold since Thursday. I limit myself to paracetamol (the European version of Tylenol), homeopathic tablets for sore throat, and a little bit of homeopathic cough syrup twice a day. I also took some nasal spray for a few days, convinced it was just saline spray, but when I looked closer at the bottle this morning I saw that it was a little stronger than I thought - so I put that back in the medicine cabinet (and try not to freak out that I took it and it might be harmful...).

Other than that I still sleep a lot, but now it's hard to know if I'm tired because of the cold or the pregnancy. Breasts hurt a lot less (but still a little tender and bigger than usual) and no other new symptoms to speak of. My next doctor's appointment is not until December 9, so I'm getting a bit anxious that everything is still OK. I know I shouldn't worry, but the cold is not helping much. Still taking progesterone suppositories - now only once a day instead of twice - and baby aspirin. My OB told me to continue both until the next appointment, because stopping might do more harm than continuing (hmm, don't you love this kind of reasoning...?).

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