Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Now that I'm pregnant, I'm not allowed to eat raw-milk cheese anymore. Normally I buy our cheese at the market, but since I suspect that all to be raw-milk, I went to the supermarket.

Well... it's practically impossible to find pasteurized cheese here in France, even at the huge hypermarkets! I must admit that I'm mainly looking for hard cheeses (I'm Dutch after all), there are some brie, camembert and other soft cheeses that you can buy pasteurized, but that's not what I like on my sandwich for lunch, and to eat 'laughing cow' for 9 months is not very appealing either...

So, luckily my hubby had to change planes in Amsterdam on his way back from a business meeting last week and bought me a kilo of Old Amsterdam. And my parents are coming to visit tomorrow, also bringing some good old Dutch pasteurized cheese!

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