Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feeling sorry for myself

I'm not having the best morning. Yesterday when taking the breakfast stuff from the dining table back to the kitchen I pulled my back. Even lying down an entire night didn't do anything to relieve the pain and turning was almost impossible and caused two bouts of leg cramps. So of course I didn't sleep well. Our toddler was at our bedside at 6:30 am and after 15 minutes in our bed wanted to get up and I had to join him (as usual).

Hubby has been absorbed in work unhappiness for weeks so is no fun to be around let alond that I should expect him to get up and entertain our son so I could get some more rest. Instead we closed the bedroom door so he can sleep for at least another hour.

Tonight we'll put the Christmas presents under the tree (earlier would only result in the toddler unwrapping everything). I had a lot of fun buying presents for our son and my hubby. I know there'll be one present for me, that hubby and I bought together, but I think that's it. Maybe I'll relabel the CD I bought hubby and give it to myself. How pathetic is that.

Boo. Time to get myself in the holiday spirit...


St Elsewhere said...

That sounds painful! I understand that at this time, movement and turning sides on the bed anyways becomes a chore, and an added pain to that is no fun.

Husband having work blues? I get that too....You take care, and hopefully enjoy yourself a bit.

Plus, go go go buy yourself some more gifts.

Valery said...

One more day of xmas to get through in NL. We celebrated Sinterklaas, so thankfully no xmas gifts to worry about here. Hope your hubby managed to get into some kind of festive mood for you and your toddler.
best of luck with your back and cramps, hope you get back to sleep soon.