Monday, July 18, 2011

13w0d - second OB appointment

Just came back from my OB appointment and subsequent blood tests. Everything is fine (which I already more or less knew from last Wednesday's ultrasound).

BP: 110/? (I thought she said 40, but that cannot be true - and I didn't ask again)
Weight: +2 kg from last month's appointment - and it's true, I can eat all day! Favorites: potatoes (especially potato salad), green beans (which I normally don't really like), chips - anything salty really, not much of a sweet tooth these days.
Cervix: long and closed
Uterus: 'supple' (intestines not so much - have horrible constipation. Doc prescribed me something for it, hopefully it'll help!)
Continuing the baby aspirin, but I can now stop the progesterone suppositories. Yay!

Overall she said that I gave the impression of being very serene about the pregnancy (I guess I am, in any case much more so than about work!).

Then after I saw the OB I went to the lab for the monthly blood work (toxoplasmosis) and urine sample plus the T21 blood test. Results for the latter will be communicated via my OB (might even have to wait until the next appointment...). Nuchal scan at the ultrasound showed no signs to worry though, so I hope the blood test will confirm that.

Still a little less than two weeks before we go on vacation! Can't wait...


Summastarlet said...

Glad to hear everything is going smoothly!! Hooray! And hooray for holidays soon!! xx

Valery said...

So you are now officially and safely in the second trimester? Congratulations.....
I just came back from a camping holiday in France with soooo much rain (luckily our tent held up) Hope your holiday is more relaxing. And erhm, should your fatigue not subside as well by now?
Hope every day is a bit better for you!

China Doll said...

Glad everything is going so smoothly.. any chance you can teach me how to be serene?! xx

New Year Mum said...

Sorry that I've been so long in commenting... great to hear that all is going well with your pregnancy :)) Love to you always xoxo