Monday, February 28, 2011


2WW/WUB is not making me a very happy woman...

Symptoms so far:
  • twinges/cramping in uterus/ovaries area
  • lower back pain
  • feeling bloated
  • crazy dreams
  • emotional / grumpy: yesterday I started crying because my 19-month old didn't want to eat his lunch (he even threw it on the floor), this morning I bitched at hubby for asking me all kinds of questions that I didn't know the answer too (they were of an organizational kind, and normally I respond that I'm going to look it up for him/take care of it, but this morning I just told him I didn't know and he had to figure it out himself - he was not happy).
Other than that, nothing, my breasts are still not hurting or anything, so I'm a bit pessimistic (even though I know it's still super early).

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