Thursday, February 24, 2011

3 = 2 + 1

Embryo transfer was today. Called the embryologist around 9 am to see if everything was still OK. Yes - she told me three embryos were 'interesting', more info when we would get there around 11:30 am.

So, all of the eight eggs fertilized (initially seven, but apparently there was a late bloomer...), of which three were perfect-looking 4-cell embryos, the others were rather messy and fragmented, so not usable. Two of the three would be transferred, and the third one frozen.

After we'd seen the embryologist we waited a little while before the RE led us into the transfer room. Everything went very smoothly. It was u/s guided this time, so it was kind of cool (and surreal) to see the two embryos floating into my uterus.

Got a prescription for progesterone suppositories (that I already started the evening of the ER), baby aspirin, and the bloodwork for later.

Had a nice lunch with hubby afterward. First beta will be on March 9.

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Preshus said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you!