Friday, July 3, 2009

41w3d - 4th past-due-date consult

Yes, I'm still here and so is my big belly... which means we had to go to the hospital again this morning, for our DD+7 consult. Again, everything was fine. Little man was sleeping in the beginning and awake in the end, so his HR was somewhere between 130 and 150. My BP was back into its normal range: 115/63. No contractions registered to speak of, which is consistent with the last few days: the BH contractions don't really start until around lunchtime and get more frequent (but not more regular) in the evening.

More mucus plug / bloody show late yesterday afternoon and this morning, but other than that, no impending labor symptoms at all. The last consult is now scheduled for Sunday late afternoon - after that they'll either admit me directly and start induction by preparing the cervix early Monday morning with a prostaglandin gel, or if the cervix is ripe enough, I can go home again Sunday after the consult and come back on Monday morning to start the induction with oxytocin. Of course I still hope this won't be necessary after all and I'll go into labor on my own in the coming hours/days (the clock is ticking...)!


Anonymous said...

OH!! I'm thinking about you... really, really hope the little guy gets motivated to come out this weekend before induction!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, he's cooking up good for you. Hang in there! I was given oxytocin to help things along after stalling at 2cm for 24 hrs. That along with an epidural brought success. But hopefully your little one will come sooner than that! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Just checking up on you, hoping everything is going well!