Wednesday, July 1, 2009

41w1d - 3rd past-due-date consult

So we went to the hospital again this afternoon for the DD+5 consult. They put me on the fetal heart monitor for almost 45 minutes - little man was awake and quite active, so his HR in a range between 130 and 170 bpm this time. The contraction monitor also showed more contractions than two days ago, although still mostly painless and irregular.

My BP was a little higher than before: 124/74. They also did a urine test, which came back fine. Cervix check showed basically the same as during the previous checks. I had hoped it would have maybe already changed a bit, since I lost the mucus plug this morning (yay! at least some development, although it is not a real indicator of impending labor).

The midwife told me that since I've passed the due date, I can no longer deliver in the 'pôle physiologique', as they want to monitor the baby constantly during labor, to make sure there won't be any complications or at least to catch them early. I really hope I go into labor on my own in the coming days, otherwise it'll be induction on Monday and I'd like to avoid that, because that also means that I can't do the first part at home and will be on the monitor (= restricted movement) quite soon.

Currently quite some BH contactions - rock hard belly most of the time, but all still rather painless. Next consult (DD+7 ) is scheduled for Friday morning...


emilythehopeless said...

wow he really wants to stay there! you've made him such a comfy home! i hope things start to happen soon!! {fingers crossed} wishing you the best!! :D

Anonymous said...

Aye!! I'm crossing my ovaries as well and praying for you that you will have a nice, smooth, natural labor BEFORE Monday!!

Cassandra said...

The differences between American and French maternity care are staggering. You'd be hard-pressed to find a doctor in the U.S. who wouldn't be insisting on inducing at this point -- regardless of what the woman actually wanted!

I wish you the very best with labor (hopefully soon), delivery, and the arrival of your little guy.

Oh, and you're a member of this month's Thoughtful Thursday Intelligentsia! Let me know if you want the code for the badge. Thanks for all of the comments.