Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Preparing the baby room

My parents were here for four days last week and helped us transform the guest room into a baby room. I'm very happy with the result!

The crib comes from hubby's family (no heirloom, but our four nieces all slept in it). When setting it up we discovered that the pins that hold the bottom in the top position were missing, so we have to buy something to fix that. Of course the stuffed animal and blanket/sheet are for show now... I did the responsible thing and bought some sleep sacks (and got some swaddle blankets from my sister). The changing table is a very fancy Swedish design wall-mounted one (closed on the photo obviously) that was a gift from my parents (and my father insisted on mounting himself), underneath a 3-drawer chest from another Swedish, much more well-known (and cheaper) store. My mom made the bed canopy, which goes perfectly with the bumper pad (again from the Swedish superstore). She also made the lamp shade from what was left over after trimming down the curtains.

My parents also brought the stroller, car seat and diaper genie, all from my cousin, so that's great because it saves us a lot of money.

Of course now that the chest was finally put together (we bought it a long time ago but never unpacked it), I could also do the first laundry batch of baby clothes. No dryer in our apartment (no space), so I took advantage of the lovely weather and hung it all outside to dry.


emilythehopeless said...

ohmygod those onesies look so freaking cute!!!!!!

love the set up! :)

Dr.Rutledge said...


The baby room picture looks great. Hope all is well.

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