Tuesday, April 28, 2009

32 weeks - miscellaneous pregnancy news

I'm 32 weeks pregnant today!

Since about a month, my perineum often feels like I've just returned from a 3-hour bike trip. According to the midwife it's because the baby is putting pressure on it. Together with some intermittent lower back pain, I sometimes walk a bit like a duck, especially when I'm just out off bed.

The midwife also told us to try to make the perineum more supple by applying arnica oil twice a week - the only problem I have with that is, although the real itching is gone - it's still all really sensitive down there and I'm afraid that the itching will return once I start to apply this oil regularly, but on the other hand I would also like to try it, as it might prevent tearing during labor...

Hubby is slowly getting used to the fact that I'm now also working, so he should help out a bit with making breakfast and dinner.

The baby is moving a lot, many times my belly is a bit asymmetrical because he's installed himself to the left of my belly button. I'm getting a little bit anxious about Thursday's u/s - he should have taken the final position by then, head down preferably! Also hope my placenta has moved up since the last u/s (at 21 weeks), because it was at 2 cm from the cervix at that time, which was deemed marginal (should be at least 2,5 cm).

Most nights hubby talks to the baby (close to my belly) before we fall asleep. I love it. It's a moment the baby's always quite active. Last Sunday hubby could also for the first time hear the baby's heartbeat by just putting his ear on my belly. Magic.

Turning around in bed has become quite difficult, which I find strange (even though I can understand it's because of the belly I have to move with me, but still).

Despite eating lots of grains, dried prunes, taking homeopathic medicine, etc, I'm still struggling with constipation. One day a few weeks ago it hurt so much, I almost thought I had appendicitis! Luckily it's getting better again.

Also still have regular bouts of nightly leg/foot cramps, even though they're mostly quite mild. I took the soap bar out of the bed, because I found it very annoying (and it didn't seem to help much). Still taking the homeopathic stuff though, and trying to drink more milk.

It often annoys me that I cannot do everything that I did before. I make these to-do lists for household chores, only to realize that after having done two things I'm already completely wiped out... I also get scolded regularly by hubby who thinks I'm walking to fast, moving something to heavy, etc. Sometimes that almost makes me cry (because I do try to take it much easier).


PJ said...

OH MY GOSH! You're 32 weeks?

Note the shock is because I have not been to your blog in a while, but I'm still so happy for you! That's fantastic!

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