Thursday, April 2, 2009

28w check-up

I had my 28w check-up today. The stats: BP 110/60; weight: no gain since last month (!); HB baby: clear and steady (he was sleeping - until the cervical check...); fundal height: OK; cervix: long, firm and closed (no pressure from uterus/baby on it).

The OB was very satisfied with everything and said I was doing "drôlement bien" (tremendously well) and that I seemed much more relaxed ("vous êtes une maman tranquille") than in the beginning of the pregnancy, which is true.

I really like my doctor, she's very warm and friendly and knows what she's doing. Glad I took my friend's recommendation when I was looking for an OB last October.

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Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that your check-up went well!