Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter Shed: Week Eight

Another week has passed and I'm finally able to post my Winter Shed update on Friday again! The full back story of this blog hop hosted by Kathy at Bereaved and Blessed can be found here

This week was a mixed week in terms of workload. Until Tuesday I was still busy with the translation job, as the laid-out text needed to be proofread one more time before it went to the printer. It's amazing how many small errors we still found! I hope they were all incorporated because I didn't see the final corrected version before it was sent to the printer. Then on Wednesday I had some lovely quality time with M. Sensible (good for a Perfect Moment Monday post!), Thursday I had lunch with a friend and on the way back stopped by the communication agency's office (i.e. my client for the translation job) to finally meet my contact in person and talk a bit about the third document and the financial compensation. Today was a lazy day spent at home with my two boys. We all took very long naps!

Now to report on how I did during week eight:

1. Read more novels.
I started reading the new French novel and made it to page 26, so there is some progress there. I think with next week being more relaxed I should be able to finish it (it's only 103 pages thick and a pretty easy read).

2. Follow the news more.
Hmmm.... this is still not going well. Hopefully by next week I will have found a way to incorporate this into my daily routine again.

3. Pick up regular blogging again and start a series/hop on Cultural Differences.
After visiting the client yesterday I got another idea for a topic for the Cultural Differences series, so now I really want to start it! I think I will try to get the first post up next week, even if I won't be able to submit it to LFCA until the following Monday. I just have to jump!

4. Get my professional website up and running.
I didn't do anything yet with the ideas I had last week. However I found a few more funny automatic translations online that I like to use on my website as a reason for using professional translation services (one was at a Spanish website where I got this as a confirmation message after having ordered concert tickets: "Congratulations! Youtube hav made the parchase of imput correctly, Youtube wil shortly recibe email with tour ticket"), so at least the ideas keep coming. 

5. Find more clients / pursue more paid projects.
I completed last week's translation by proofreading it in it's final layout and went to see the client yesterday. I now have the text for the translation of the third document, which doesn't have a fixed deadline yet (my client's client is too busy preparing for the trade show in mid-March for which they needed the other brochure) but we're aiming for the third week of March. Is half the size of the previous document, so should be doable. She thanked me for not throwing in the towel halfway (hey, I would never do that!). We also talked a bit about finances. They're OK with the initial price I quoted (I didn't even have to try to convince them) and I can also bill them for the extra hours spent on proofreading and getting the two translations streamlined into one final document. So I'm really happy that they've seen the value of my work and didn't try to cut costs.

I had planned to send in the quote for the Dutch to French translation request, but haven't done so yet, which I'm not very happy about because I think it's not very professional to keep a potential client waiting too long. I did calculate how much time I think I would need for it, so all the basic information is ready, I just need to formulate it into a decent quote (but after all the stress of the last two weeks I couldn't put my mind to it when the other project was finally done).

Today was the first day of my '007' assignment. It was a good thing I had set a reminder on my phone (even if there is no news I have to send the client an email at 5 pm) because otherwise I would have completely forgotten it! I must admit that I didn't do an active search, but relied on my Google Alerts and there were none. I'll get more serious about it starting Monday! ;-)

6. Start playing the cello again.
I'm strongly contemplating removing this from my list, even though I'd like to start playing again, but I have no idea how to add it to my weekly schedule at the moment.


Kathy said...

Happy Winter Shed Week Eight! Your posts always make me smile! So thank you for that. It is exciting to see you progress on your goals, as I feel I have a vested interest!

1) Good for you! Sometimes when I read your goals it inspires me to want to adopt some of them, such as this one and...

2) I can appreciate this and have faith that you will figure it out! I can't recall if I have mentioned this, but my mom is really good about following the news and has some key new programs that she records and watches weekly. Awhile ago I asked her what she watches and when and set them to record on our DVR. Well, they record regularly, but I almost never watch them! One of these days.... Right?! ;) There is always some TV drama, comedy or reality show that I would rather watch, but someday I'll will make room for both or balance them more.

3) You can always submit to the LFCA which day you plan to have your first post up with a general link to your blog and a blurb about your idea! Either way, I am excited and yes, you have to jump! Just do it and you know I will be here to support you and participate! :)

4) That is funny and I can see why it would make your case that people should hire you!

5) Have I told you how impressed I am that you speak more than one language fluently and enough to what you do?! That is really awesome! Good for you too showing your clients you and your work are worth what you ask to be paid! Your 007 assignment is intriguing! :)

6) I don't think you need to remove it, I know for me it helps for me to be reminded of both short term and long term goals. But either way I support you.

Thanks again for sticking with the Winter Shed! Also, just to plant a seed with you... Only two more weeks until Spring! I am leaning towards transitioning from Winter Shed to a Spring Shed, since it will no longer be Winter. Would love for you to continue on, but I certainly understand if you choose not to. If you do, you can always decide whether to keep the same goals or change them (such as nix the cello one). Just something to think about! :)

Fran said...

Very happy about the job and the recognition of your work! Delighted you got the money you were looking for too. I agree about removing the cello from the list, or you can leave it there just in a greyer shade with "no updates yet" till there will be some and you can bring it back to life. I love the idea of your website and the automatic translations! i can find a few from Italian to English for sure!! Much love, Fran