Friday, February 8, 2013

The boys get their blog names

Now that I've been writing a bit more regularly again I find it annoying to keep referring to my two boys as either "the preschooler" / "the eldest" and "the baby" / "the youngest" so, since I still don't want to use their real names here, I decided to come up with names I could use on this blog and that would be more or less accurate descriptions of them.

So please meet

Monsieur Sensible
(pronunciation and meaning in French, i.e. Mr. Sensitive in English)

M. Sensible is 3.5 years old, goes to (pre)school and won't be easily tricked. He's curious and sweet, but also a very sensitive boy. His balance can be easily disturbed if he's in a new situation, with foreign people, or if he's tired or not feeling well. He can wrap his mommy around his finger but also make her pull out her hair!


Monsieur Gourmand
(i.e. Mr. Glutton)

M. Gourmand is one year old and almost always in a good mood. He'll be smiling even when he's sick.  He likes to eat all the time and he'll eat everything! He'll only refuse food when he's really really sick or when his emerging teeth are causing him too much pain.


Kathy said...

Love this! You chose great names and it is fun to know both how they are said in English and French! My heart was warmed by reading about Monsieur Sensible and I laughed heartily reading about Monsieur Gourmand and the picture you chose to share of him! Thank you for sharing! :)

Valery said...

Welcome on the blog boys/messieurs!

Fran said...

Oh now I know who was who in your next post! Love the pics and would love that baguette right now too!!

St Elsewhere said...

The names and the personality!

Glad to knows the boys have blog-names.

Kiran Iluri said...

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