Friday, September 16, 2011

A weekend away

Just a quick update from the airport, where I'm about to board a flight to London, sans hubby and toddler. Going to attend a conference tomorrow with a colleague/friend and then be back home on Sunday afternoon.

Left our toddler with the sitter this morning with a 38.7 degree fever (celsius obviously, which equals about 101.7 Fahrenheit), other than that he was a happy camper, so no idea what the problem is. Hopefully he won't get really sick and will still be able to go with hubby to the toddler swimming session tomorrow morning.

Went to prenatal swimming session this morning myself, which was really nice. But somehow looking at the other pregnant women I didn't feel pregnant myself! Weird...

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St Elsewhere said...

I hope you find the conference interesting and enriching. Safe travels!

And I hope the toddler is just having a passing issue....38.7 degree celsius?

Have fun at the swimming class... said...

Hope your toddler is feeling better soon. Prenatal swimming... sounds like fun :)) xoxo