Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Past experience comes in handy

Before we meet again with our RE on October 20th, we have to get some tests done. I had my blood drawn last week, hubby still has to do his, which can be done at basically every medical lab in the city (of which there is one on almost every street corner here in France). But he also has to have his sperm tested again. Which of course he doesn't want do at a random lab, but at the one belonging to the fertility clinic. So he called... and they told him they didn't have space before October 28th, which of course isn't possible for us, as the RE needs to have the results on the 20th.

Luckily, we've done this before. And we know our RE. I remember several occasions where I would be in the waiting room, or in one of the transfer rooms, and he would come in, complaining to the biologists that nothing worked, etc. etc. So, I sent the RE an email, explaining the situation, asking if he could recommend another lab, or maybe find a spot at their own lab for us after all...?

Within an hour I got a call from the RE's secretary, who told me he had gone over to talk to the biologists (haha, I know exactly how that conversation went) and that we should call the lab again, ask for the biologist, tell him we spoke with the RE, say that it's urgent, and get our appointment fixed. If we still would have problems, we shouldn't hesitate to call or email the RE again. So I called. Appointment's set for next week Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear that everything is falling into place so nicely for you!